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Day 1. 3 Hostile or Hospitable? Take a Seat – no, not you!


The Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to acknowledge the challenges facing the future of our public spaces. We know now that it’s not just the buildings themselves, but the spaces between them, and the people using them, that demonstrate if a city is healthy and flourishing.  

But, at the same time we have seen a reduction or indeed removal of street furniture – for instance, did you know there is only one public bench in Brixton, South London? What if we took this opportunity not only to recover, but to reclaim spaces for everyone and catalyse real and meaningful change?  

This session will discuss how to use our recovery from the lockdown to test new ideas, shift the hierarchy of space, and give back priority to the pedestrian and the communities that live, work and play in our streets and spaces. 

Chair: Aileen Melia, Landscape Design Manager, Newground CIC 

Aileen has 20 plus years experience as a landscape architect, working with schools, community groups, local authorities and other agencies, across a wide range of projects that give everyone greater access to essential green spaces.


Romy Rawlings CMLI, Commercial Director, Vestre 

Romy is a Chartered Landscape Architect and UK Commercial Director for Vestre, a Norwegian manufacturer of street furniture. Romy’s entire career has been based in the landscape sector, and she is passionate about the impact of good design upon those using outdoor space.


Will Sandy, Associate at McGregor Coxall and Founder of Will Sandy Design 

Will Sandy leads a multidisciplinary landscape architecture and design studio. His practice works across various sites, scales & styles, from landscape design and urban interventions, to small-scale architectural projects. Will has established himself as a forerunner in designing vibrant urban spaces, proving that through careful engagement with multiple stakeholders,
he gap can be bridged between clients, government, and community.



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