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Day 1. 7 Inclusivity in the Detail


This session will explore the challenges of catering for all in our public realm. Hardscape will explore materials and techniques that should be at the forefront to achieve this subject matter in all their practices designs and final delivery. You will get an understanding of the challenges of inclusive design in the public realm. 

Chair: Dr Keren Jones, CMLI, Honorary Secretary of the Landscape Institute

Keren qualified as a chartered landscape architect in 1982, and has had a broad career spanning the private, public, and charitable sectors. This includes senior roles at Groundwork, the South East of England Development Agency, and eight
years as Director of City Economy at City of Wolverhampton Council.


Matthew Haslam CMLI, Managing Director, Hardscape 

A Geology graduate from the 1980’s who formed Hardscape Products Ltd in 1994. His desire has always been to encourage the use of raw geological resources, whether in an organic state, or shaped by multiple production techniques to realise aesthetic demands and functions. He is a passionate advocate of creative design especially within the landscape design sector.


Stephen Flynn, Director, Sheils Flynn 

Stephen’s exceptionally wide range of experience covers every aspect of landscape architecture, from landscape planning, to concept design and construction. Over the years, he has developed particular expertise in landscape detailing and is responsible for the high quality of Sheils Flynn’s implemented design schemes.

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