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Day 2. 2 How Behavioural science and cognitive simulation technologies can influence built environment design


The presentation looks at how emerging technologies such as AI, ABMs and CSTs use behavioural science to assist architects and designers to develop designs which are analysed for performance through simulations through all stages of design process.    

It will uncover Behavioural Science in design of public spaces. This session will also discuss artificial intelligence and machine learning for enhancements of design process. 

Chair: Mike Shilton, Landscape Institute (UK) Digital Practice Group 

Mike is the Chair of the Landscape Institute Digital Practice Group (DPG) and has been an active member of the Group since its inception in 2012. He contributed to and project managed the LI “BIM for Landscape” book and has been heavily involved with the promotion of BIM in landscape.

Bobby Chakravarthy, Partner, Arcus Consulting 

Bobby is a Designer, Partner and Head of Architecture at Arcus Consulting, an award winning national design and construction practice specialising in public sector and urban regeneration. He is also Past President and Board Director of
the Association for Project Safety (APS).

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