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Day 3. 2 Beyond the Usual Suspects: Climate Equity in practice – Engaging Diverse communities


The session will detail a collaborative project to deliver an educational arboretum-meadow on a redundant mini-golf site in Wardown Park, Luton focusing on maximising benefits in relation to climate resilience, human wellbeing and biodiversity. The project aims specifically to connect children with nature. The site is in the High Town Ward of Luton and has significant BAME communities. This interactive presentation will uncover how appropriate tree and meadow species selection can deliver climate resilience, biodiversity and human wellbeing benefits in particular contexts.

Dr Helen Hoyle, University of the West of England; Chair: Dr Anastasia Nikologianni, IFLA

Dr Helen Hoyle, University of the West of England

Helen Hoyle is a Senior Lecturer in Healthy Built Environments at the University of the West of England, Bristol. She sits on the steering group of the UWE Bristol WHO Collaborating Centre for Healthy Urban Environments. With a background in Geography and Landscape Architecture, Helen previously conducted award-winning research culminating in the delivery of the London 2012 Olympic meadows.

Chair: Dr Anastasia Nikologianni, IFLA

Dr. Anastasia Nikologianni is qualified as a Landscape Architect MA and Agriculturist/Horticulturist MSc., and holds an EIT Climate-KIC labelled PhD in Landscape Architecture from Birmingham City University with regards to the role of low carbon, spatial quality and the contribution design can make to the development of regional landscape-based spatial strategies.

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Locally, nationally and globally, attention to diversity and equality translates into people centred environmental policy.


More than ever, it is critical that nature-based solutions should be planned and designed as multifunctional components at the start of any development with collaboration of all stakeholders.

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