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Day 3. 3 Let’s Build back Better!


More than ever, it is critical that nature-based solutions should be planned and designed as multifunctional components at the start of any development with collaboration of all stakeholders. Policies need to be framed to support longer term sustainable growth with investment needed in new mature GI and increased funding for maintenance of existing. This presentation will uncover how to work effectively with stakeholders from the outset to achieve a longterm vision. It will provide examples of case studies whereby Green Infrastructure has transformed high streets and public realm for the benefit of all. The session will then introduce GBU HQ and onsite manufacturing facility – including our NEW RootSpace Ocean – the only soil cell made using recycled ocean plastic waste.

Howard Gray, GreenBlue Urban; Chair: Bill Blackledge CMLI, 2B Landscape Consultancy

Howard Gray, GreenBlue Urban

Howard Gray is the PR & Specification Consultant Team Leader for GreenBlue Urban. He has been planting trees in urban areas for over 40 years and is passionate about ensuring that every tree has the same opportunity of realising its species potential. Understanding the many conflicts, both financial and engineering, with planting in our congested towns and cities, Howard works with designers and contractors to achieve the best result.

Bill Blackledge CMLI, 2B Landscape Consultancy

Bill is the director of an LI registered practice, 2B Landscape Consultancy. He has been a member of the LI’s Technical Committee since 2011 during which time he has worked on ‘The Landscape Consultants’ Appointment’ and ‘Visualisation of Development Proposals’. He hasa deep interest in Green Infrastructure, SuDS and Natural flood Management.

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