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Day 3. 6 Designing Water management in light of Climate Change


In this session we explore the challenges of designing sustainably when the climate seems to be against you every day. By looking at landscape projects
from Dubai and the UAE, across a range of scales, we will see some of the efforts being made in the Middle East to highlight and respond to the climate crisis. It will then discuss the value, benefits and challenges of integrating local communities in designing and improving their own neighbourhoods to
secure a greener and bluer recovery. It will review WWT’s own experiences and those of others and explore the opportunities for embedding such an approach in our blue/green recovery.

William Bennett, Wilden Design; David Naismith & Andy Graham, Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust; Chair: Bill Blackledge CMLI, 2B Landscape Consultancy

William Bennett, Wilden Design

Will founded WILDEN Design with a mission to bring contemporary, sustainable landscape design to homeowners across the globe. From his base in Dubai, his practice uses an innovative approach to online design which connects residential clients with local expert designers whom understand local plants and materials, whilst sharing their passion: to help people reconnect with nature at home.

David Naismith, Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust

David is a specialist in the design of constructed wetlands for water quality improvement, Sustainable Drainage Systems, Natural Flood Management and habitat creation. He is responsible for the UK consultancy work undertaken by WWT and is also a committee member of the Constructed Wetlands Association.

Andy Graham, Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust

Andy is responsible for WWT’s urban and community wetlands programme connecting people with wetlands where they live. He is a specialist in urban river restoration, community SuDS and habitat creation and has delivered many projects with local people securing better places to live and building more resilient communities.

Chair: Bill Blackledge CMLI, 2B Landscape Consultancy

Bill is the director of an LI registered practice, 2B Landscape Consultancy. He has been a member of the LI’s Technical Committee since 2011 during which time he has worked on ‘The Landscape Consultants’ Appointment’ and ‘Visualisation of Development Proposals’. He hasa deep interest in Green Infrastructure, SuDS and Natural flood Management.

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