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Day 3. 7 What on Earth Can We Do? The Future of Software in Facilitating Greener Design


As software developers we have a responsibility, just like everybody else, to do what we can to enable a greener recovery. This session will explore the
collaboration needed between developers and end users and how we envision the next ten years to unfold. It will start with an inventory of where we stand today and then look at what is required for tomorrow. It will then uncover how to collaborate between disciplines, Biodiversity Net Gain – how you can build this into your workflow from the start, and how to elevate the use of GIS.

Katarina Ollikainen, Vectorworks UK; Sam Arthur, FPCR Environment and Design Ltd; Chair: Dr Keren Jones CMLI, Honorary Secretary of the Landscape Institute

Katarina Ollikainen, Vectorworks UK

Katarina has under the last five years worked as Senior Designer for Ann-Marie Powell Studio. During this time, she had the opportunity to develop the studios workflow and to introduce new ways of working with, and sharing, data in the design process. Katarina is now the Landscape Industry Specialist at Vectorworks UK and in her new role, on top of playing Vectorworks, she’s involved in the continuous work on BIM implementation.

Sam Arthur, FPCR Environment and Design Ltd

Sam is an experienced ecologist with a diverse background in the environmental sector. He joined FPCR in 2012 and has developed two key areas of interest, biodiversity net gain and GIS & data collection platforms. Sam’s interest in the use of emerging technology led him to develop FPCR’s GIS system in 2013. This has led to the creation of Ecotope in 2020, a custom app for ecological data collection designed specifically for consultants.

Dr Keren Jones CMLI, Honorary Secretary of the Landscape Institute

Keren qualified as a chartered landscape architect in 1982, and has had a broad career spanning the private, public, and charitable sectors. This includes senior roles at Groundwork, the South East of England Development Agency, and eight years as Director of City Economy at City of Wolverhampton Council.

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