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Day 3.5 Planning for climate change adaptation


The session will explore the main drivers and aims of the project, the key challenges faced, and the urban forestry concept that the project takes. It will then provide an overview of how Flood Re came to be, the increasing threat of flooding in the UK, the mitigation imperative.

Chair: Noel Farrer PPLI FLI, Director, LI Vice President, Farrer Huxley Ltd

Noel has practised landscape architecture for 30 years, with extensive experience in the public and private sectors. He is an accomplished masterplanner and strategist, and a passionate advocate for the social and environmental value of landscape, continuously asserting the importance of high-quality environments accessible to all.


Speaker: Dr Matthew Ling, Project Lead, Cambridge Canopy Project, Cambridge City Council


Dr Matthew Ling is the Project Lead for the Cambridge Canopy Project at Cambridge City Council. Matthew has a wide range of experience in ecological and environmental sciences, covering ecotoxicology, restoration ecology, ecosystem service and natural capital assessments, and ecological consultancy. Matthew has always had a passion for trees, so is in his element promoting trees and their many values in Cambridge.


Speaker: Katherine Greig, Head of Transition, Flood Re

Katherine Greig is Head of Transition at Flood Re, where she works on issues concerning housing resiliency and flood mitigation in the face of climate change. Prior to Flood Re, she worked as a Fellow & Strategic Advisor at the Wharton Risk Center and in the NYC Mayor’s Office of Recovery and Resiliency focused on flood insurance accessibility, climate change and building mitigation.


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