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LI Webinar: A virtual tour of Poole Park – Bespoke Play Space Design in practice


Play spaces are the unsung hero of our neighbourhoods and communities. But on closer inspection which ones truly thrive, and which become barren landscapes with a complete disconnect with the community? Explore the world of bespoke design with Jupiter Play; the process that really engages stakeholders and truly seeks to create a sense of place where communities thrive and care for. This session will be an opportunity to walk through the design and construction process for Poole Park in Dorset as well as an interview with the client at BCP Council. 


Learning outcomes: 

  • Understanding the bespoke design process and how to apply this in play spaces  
  • Exploring the vast possibilities of applying an abstract idea into a play landscape  
  • Learning about a creative way to procure the stakeholder led design projects. 

Michael Hoenigmann, Owner and Director
Jupiter Play & Leisure Ltd

Michael has been working in the play industry for nearly 30 years. He is passionate about challenging the norms and delivering innovation to todays' children and communities. He has served 2 terms as Chair of the Association of Play Industries (API), was Founder of Inclusive Play and has recently celebrated 21 years with Jupiter Play. There he leads a team who are passionate about designing play spaces that create a sense of wonder to users.

Rosie Mayer, Senior Designer & Bespoke Design Specialist
Jupiter Play & Leisure

Rosie started working for Jupiter Play in 2016 and is Jupiter's bespoke design specialist, with great working relationships between the international suppliers. She was awarded the Pro Landscaper 30 under 30 award, Class of 2020 last year after being nominated by her team. Amazing hand drawn illustrations feature heavily in her designs, most notably the recently installed Poole Park.

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