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LI Webinar: Inclusive Landscapes and the Role of Street Furniture


This CPD will consider the needs of users of the external environment in terms of accessibility and inclusivity. These wide-ranging requirements must be met if truly sustainable facilities are to be provided, where everyone can thrive.   

Considering the topic broadly and then focussing in on the detailed needs of specific user groups, the information provided will enable designers and managers to ensure they are acting in accordance with the requirements of BS8300-1:2018 and The Equality Act 2010.  

Discover how a simple bench can do so much for the physical and mental wellbeing of many communities 

Learning outcomes: 
  • An overview of the need for inclusive and accessible furniture will be provided, with key points to consider when designing outdoor environments for all.  
  • Detailed accessibility requirements for different furniture elements (seating, cycle parking etc) will be illustrated for those with reduced mobility or impaired vision for example.  
  • Associated issues such as hostile design, and measures that increase inequalities in public spaces, will also be discussed, along with proposals to counter these. 


Romy Rawlings, Chartered Landscape Architect and UK Commercial Director , Vestre

Romy is a Chartered Landscape Architect and UK Commercial Director for Vestre, a Norwegian manufacturer of street furniture.  Romy's entire career has been based in the landscape sector, and she is passionate about the impact of good design upon those using outdoor space. Having been employed by Vestre for over 5 years and with most of the previous 14 years working for street furniture manufacturers, Romy fully appreciates the value of these elements in today’s urban landscapes.  Romy is an Ambassador for the LI and has held several positions within the Institute in the past, including Board trustee.  

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