LI Webinar: Designing better together – The positive impact of play in housing developments

In this webinar Jupiter Play are joined by Laura Bradley, of Bradley Murphy Design, to discuss the positive impacts that partnership working has delivered and is continuing to deliver at Houlton a new strategic housing site on the outskirts of Rugby.  

Together, Jupiter Play and Bradley Murphy Design have commissioned a PhD research programme through Coventry University to evidence the positive impacts that investing in a high-quality play and landscape strategy have had on this new development. They will discuss the reasons for this partnership and the benefits of this research for the profession.  

Jupiter Play is the UK’s leading supplier to the strategic house building sector. Their strong relationships with landscape architects and housing developers allow them to collaborate at the early stages of developments to add value to the design process. This results in high-quality landscaped play spaces which impact biodiversity, are truly sustainable and have a real impact on the health and well-being of these new communities. 

Learning outcomes: 

  • How to create a balance between play value and the landscape  
  • Designing for long-term sustainability 
  • The impact and importance of strategic partnerships when designing play spaces on new developments. 

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