LI Webinar Key Trends 23: The Future of Play

Jupiter Play is returning to a popular theme in this, their third webinar for the Landscape Institute this year.

A year ago, they delivered the webinar Key Trends 22: The Future of Play for the LI. Since then, the company has been on a journey of learning, trying things for the first time, and challenging themselves and their customers.

Moving on, they will then focus on the Future of Play in 2023, firstly looking at the current built environment and considering areas of improvement then looking at the trends that will influence the landscape of play, and finally showing how Jupiter Play can design with the future in mind through an outcome-led process.

Learning outcomes for this webinar include:

  • Identifying areas of improvement in the current design of play spaces and the wider built environment
  • Discovering the five key trends of 2023
  • How can we design with the future in mind?

This webinar is accepted as part of the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) required to be completed by members. The LI Code of Practice requires members to undertake a minimum of 25 hours of CPD activity each year.

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