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10. Human Stories: A creative approach to community engagement


Human stories are important. To quote Michelle Obama, sometimes “we focus too much on stats and not story.” As practitioners, we’re so busy looking at the numbers that we lose sight of what we can learn from the reasons behind those numbers. Using storytelling as a device will enable us to approach community engagement in a new way. Join this session and gain insight into how best to capture human experiences – and use them to shape strategies and evaluate projects.

Sarah Wheale-Smith

Sarah Wheale-Smith is an Associate of Pleydell Smithyman Limited. Sarah has over 10 years’ experience in the design, management and delivery of community engagement and consultation studies. Stakeholder engagement ranges from pre-school children, to chief executives, to the socially excluded. In her current role, Sarah has embedded her engagement experience into programmes, resulting in a new range of clients and significant levels of repeat business for the firm.

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