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9. The Moral Maze – Real Issues, Real Skills


2a. Perfecting Parks Engagement: The Lessons Learned – Chris Worman MBE, Rugby Borough Council
Examine the changing skills needed against a challenging environment when ensuring effective community engagement and participation. Draw on real-world examples from Green Flag Award judging – across the UK and beyond.

2b. Working Together: Parks Partnerships – Emma Woolf MBE, Friends of Cotteridge Park
Emma presents 20 years’ worth of lessons of working as a parks volunteer and
examines the relationship between partners, volunteers and parks officers.

2c. Croft Castle: Conserving the picturesque – Imogen Sambrook, The National Trust
A look at the five-year project of conserving Fishpool Valley at Croft Castle; a designed landscape with architectural features and views, which is also SSSI, ancient woodland, home to protected species and now facing the impacts of ash die back. Gain a deeper understanding of the challenges faces when managing and conserving large-scale designed landscapes, and how to adapt plans in-flight to meet statutory requirements and the demands of the natural world and people.

2d. Panel discussion: Real Issues, Real Skills
The panel discusses the skills needed to combat real issues facing the parks profession.

Chris Worman, Emma Woolf, Imogen Sambrook

Chris Worman MBE, Rugby Borough Council

Christopher Worman MBE is Parks and Grounds Manager for Rugby Borough Council. Chris has over 36 years’ experience of working in the parks industry. He has been appointed a Green Flag Award judge from the very start of the initiative, and for the last 24 years has had the opportunity to assess countless parks across the UK and beyond. For his service to the Green Flag Awards, Chris was awarded an MBE in 2016. Chris is also a representative of the parks industry within the government’s Parks Action Group.

Emma Woolf MBE, Friends of Cotteridge Park

Emma Woolf (MBE) is Vice Chair for Friends of Cotteridge Park, working in partnership with Birmingham City Council to manage and develop services for the local community (including the Active Parks programme). A keen volunteer, Emma is also Chair of Birmingham Community Matters and a trustee of the Birmingham Open Spaces Forum. Emma has great passion for enabling and supporting small voluntary organisations to make positive changes in their communities, namely using peer-to-peer models.

Imogen Sambrook, The National Trust

Imogen Sambrook is National Heritage and Design Policy Adviser for The National Trust. Imogen specialises in the conservation of heritage assets at risk and is currently managing a five-year project to conserve and enhance a large designed landscape. Alongside this, she is completing national work to lead a collaborative review of the Trust’s ‘Heritage Values’ and methodology for significance assessment. Imogen was joint leader of the Ironbridge Young Archaeologists’ Club from 2012-2018 and is currently leading the Landscape Conservation Special Interest Group within The National Trust.

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