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2. International perspectives


The allocation of public space and the way in which it is used varies considerably across the globe. Three speakers look at very different challenges to the use of space in the midst of the crisis


2a. Romy Rawlings CMLI, Vestre
An Insight Into the response across Scandinavia, the UK,the USA and Germany, looking at the impact on the public realm and the re-distribution of uses in streets and public spaces.

2b. Sandeep B. Menon, Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute for Architecture and Environmental Studies
The challenges of urban open space in the post-pandemic global south with particular reference to Mumbai.

2c. Lydia Mynott CMLI, Metro Vancouver
Locking down a massive national park and the increased importance of connecting with nature.

2d. Panel Discussion
What can the UK learn from these experiences?


Romy Rawlings CMLI & Sandeep B. Menon & Lydia Mynott CMLI

Romy Rawlings CMLI, Vestre

Romy Rawlings is a Chartered Landscape Architect and UK Commercial Director for Vestre, a Norwegian designer and manufacturer of street furniture. Romy’s 25-year career has been based in the landscape sector and is passionate about the impact of good design upon those using outdoor space, believing that landscape architects are well placed to counter many of today’s global issues. Romy is Honorary Secretary of the Landscape Institute and is currently Chair of their Diversity & Inclusion working group.


Sandeep B. Menon, Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute for Architecture and Environmental Studies 

Sandeep Menon is a practicing landscape architect and a faculty member at the Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute for Architecture and Environmental Studies (KRVIA), Mumbai, India. Sandeep’s academic interests range from ecological urbanism, urban resilience, sustainable urban water management, ecological corridors and wetland systems. Sandeep’s fifteen-year career has been working on landscape design and master planning projects of varying scales in various bio-geographies. Sandeep’s work addresses the ideas of natural processes, local ecology and native planting.


Lydia Mynott CMLI, Metro Vancouver

Lydia Mynott is a park planner with Metro Vancouver Regional Parks. Lydia is passionate about connecting people with nature and works on balancing the protection of natural areas with creating innovative opportunities for public access and enjoyment of nature. Lydia is a Registered Landscape Architect in the Province of British Columbia and a Chartered Landscape Architect in the UK, with twenty years’ planning and design experience. Lydia holds a Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in Architecture, and a Diploma and Master of Arts in Landscape Architecture.


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