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3. Changing spaces and places


How we use the highway, the pavement and the park are undergoing radical change, who will it benefit?


3a. Oliver Goodhall, We made that architecture and urbanism practice
The potential for changing the way in which we design and imagine streets and public spaces.

3b. Dr Meredith Whitten, London School of Economics
How urban greening is integrated into planning policies and practice to address the impact of COVID-19 on parks and green ‘in between’ spaces.

3c. Carole Wright, Community gardens manager
Creating three community gardens in South London

3d. Howard Gray, GreenBlue Urban
How to create greener and cleaner cities using green and blue infrastructure
with a focus on pavements, trees and the spaces in between.

3e. Panel Discussion
The government has announced a range of new traffic regulations which are
being implemented by many local authorities. How do we achieve well
designed and managed places and spaces?

Oliver Goodhall & Dr Meredith Whitten & Carole Wright & Howard Gray

Oliver Goodhall, We Made That architecture and urbanism practice

Oliver Goodhall is co-founding Partner of We Made That, an energetic architecture and urbanism practice based in London, which includes architects, urban designers, planners and urban researchers. We Made That only work for public clients and are guided by a strong civic ethos. Oliver’s recent projects include high street regeneration, industry and mixed use development, cultural infrastructure, healthy neighbourhoods, public engagement and placemaking. Oliver is responsible for the creative direction of the practice and is committed to delivering projects for public and third sector organisations.


Dr Meredith Whitten, London School of Economics & Political Science

Dr Meredith Whitten is a postdoctoral fellow at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Dr Whitten’s research examines the relationship between nature and cities, focusing on how green space is integrated into planning practices to address the impacts of urbanisation. Dr Whitten has a professional background in public policy and planning and was appointed to the Mayor of London’s Green Infrastructure Task Force serving as an elected board member for the Landscape Specialty Group of the American Association of Geographers.


Carole Wright, Community gardens manage

Carole Wright manages community gardens in South London, on social housing estates. Working with residents, Carole has set-up three community orchards on three estates in Southwark and created the Tom Carroll memorial tree trail supported by the Tree Council. Carole has a lifelong passion for urban wildlife, a bee-keeper, who regularly leads greenspace walks in urban and woodland areas partnering with organisations who provide culturally and socially diverse programmes for lower income participants.Carole is a Landscape Institute Ambassador and committee member of
the London branch.


Howard Gray, GreenBlue Urban

Urban tree enthusiast Howard Gray has been closely involved with trees for most of his life. Howard grew up surrounded by trees and he passionately believes that we have a responsibility to future generations to give them the quality of tree canopy cover that he enjoyed when young, and that this cannot happen unless we change the way trees and green infrastructure are viewed. Howard provides real-life case studies showing it is possible to create greener and cleaner cities using green and blue infrastructure.


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