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3. A Holistic Approach to Smart Cities


The development of Internet of Things (IoT) and Information Communication technology (ICT) is growing at an exorbitant rate. For the “Smart City” movement this means leveraging data to achieve a constantly adapting, connected, intelligent, healthier and more efficient human habitat. But what does this mean for our cities and communities? And how do we increasingly ensure the development of this technology responds to the most complex parameter — “people”? This presentation will explore in greater detail the systematic processes of smart and holistic city-making. It will be supported by a series of exemplar projects that hybridise existing and emerging digital technologies to enable communities genuine ownership and awareness of their city, neighbourhood and street. In this modern digital age it is important to innovate our traditional design methods and adopt an intelligent, holistic, data driven outcome that harnesses public life through smart and responsive technologies.

Michael Cowdy

Michael Cowdy is a Director and Urbanism Leader for McGregor Coxall a multi-disciplinary design firm located in the UK, Australia and China. Michael's passion rests in creating healthy, smart, sustainable, and vibrant places and cities. He has extensive experience in complex urban regeneration projects and have delivered internationally recognised design outcomes to a variety of city destinations. Michael regularly presents at national and international conferences where he promotes a progressive, restorative and engaging outcome for place.

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