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3. Ethics and NPPF


NPPF is the largest control and determinant of the changes we make in all our landscapes. Planners are not designers or creatives – but landscape architects are. Does NPPF trigger ethical dilemmas for landscape professionals, particularly in the context of housing and the climate emergency?

Noel Farrer

Nooel Farrer FLI is Director of Farrer Huxley Ltd. He was President for the LI from 2014-2016 and is a CIC Board member and member of the Highways England Strategic Panel.

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The next 10 years will be crucial in tackling the climate and biodiversity emergency. How should the planning system change to address this urgent priority?


Understand the design opportunities the new NPPF offers. Learn from Leicester’s model of integrating multi-functional improvements into both the built and natural environment.

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