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5. Bringing proposals to life – A dynamic approach to design and communication


How can we reflect the dynamic nature of city and urban life – and better understand new development in context? How can practitioners bring proposals to life?

  • Fusing visualisation and video footage helps overcome the inherent limitations of static imagery – and gives a more realistic impression of proposals in their setting.
  • Camera matching video footage, or green screen filming with 3D models, are powerful ways to clearly communicate the reality of proposals.
  • Embedding rendered models within video technology can addscience and ‘joy’ to the design and assessment process.
  • Adopting a kinetic approach illustrates the changing reality of a development’s visual impact as you move through the streetscape.

By the end of the session, delegates will gain an understanding of:
  • How video enables a more realistic perception of the impacts associated with development
  • How digital technology can be adopted from the outset to inform design development and aid communication
  • How making assessment part of the design process places the Landscape Architect and Urban Designer at the heart of the team and the conversation

Richard Line and Chris Hall

Richard Line studied as a Landscape Architect and is one of three founding Directors of Planit-IE. He established the practice's visualisation business - Virtual Planit - which he has led over the past 18 years.  In recent years, Rich has been working with Planit's Urban Designers and Landscape Architects on new ways of presenting and assessing the visual impacts of development on townscapes and landscapes.

Chris Hall is Senior Urban Designer, Planit-IE.

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