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6. BIM in Practice


What’s the best way of engaging in a BIM project? Mike Shilton reviews how you can generate the required outputs using KeySCAPE and how you can share and collaborate with others on the BIM project team.

By the end of the session, delegates should:
  • Understand the key elements to ask when engaging in a BIM project
  • Be aware of the current processes and workflows that exist
  • Understand how software-neutral tools can be used in collaboration, and the pros and cons of each.

Mike Shilton

Mike is the Chair of the Landscape Institute Digital Practice Group (formerly BIM Working Group) and has been an active member of the Group since its inception in 2012. Mike contributed to the "BIM for Landscape" book, which he helped project manage to publication, and has been heavily involved with its subsequent promotion. Mike has been working with other experts to offer advice and guidance to the profession in respect of BIM and emerging digital technologies in relation to landscape design and construction. He is a chartered member of the Landscape Institute and Product Director at Keysoft Solutions, where he provides the focus for future development of their BIM enabled, traffic management and landscape design software.

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