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5. Getting the Green and Blue into Planning Processes


What does the new NPPF mean for the green and the blue? This session will explore how NPPF, local plans and conditions work in synchronicity to provide a robust framework for integrating green infrastructure and SUDs at a local context. Delegates will also learn how to best deliver multifunctional green and blue Infrastructure through connecting new build, retrofit and highways, and how this depends on a complex suite of engineered solutions designed at the earliest opportunity. 

Charlotte Markey

Charlotte Markey is Sales Specification Manager for Polypipe. With an MSc in Urban planning from UWE, Charlotte works with Polypipe to develop capacity and knowledge within local authorities, developers and other key stakeholders relating to integrating green infrastructure and SUDs into the hard landscape. She has worked on two EU funded projects: Water Resilient Cities and Cool Towns, which involves cooperation and implementation of pilot schemes across Europe.

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