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6. Building Better Communities: Impacts of Positive Partnership


Learn to collaborate better with developers. New residential schemes that include parks and green spaces will not only create happier, healthier communities, but contribute to the local environment. Fields in Trust works with over 950 landowners across the UK to legally protect these public spaces for recreational use in perpetuity. Not only does this add to the marketability of schemes, but represents an exciting opportunity for developers to leave a worthwhile legacy. This session aims to demonstrate impactful approaches in encouraging developers to adopt a place-making approach.

Alison McCann & Terry Housden

Alison McCann is Policy Manager for Fields in Trust. Alison’s focus is research and insight on the value of green space to better inform policymaking, as well as overseeing the legal support function for protected sites. She led the commissioning, data analysis and report production for Fields in Trust’s Revaluing Parks and Green Spaces research published in May 2018. Alison also represents Fields in Trust within the Parks Action Group to advise Government about a sustainable future for England’s public parks.

Terry Housden is Development Manager (SE and NI) for Fields in Trust. Terry works with landowners, community groups and other stakeholders to champion and increase the number of green spaces legally protected. He works closely with local authorities and has experience of working with developers and architects on projects which have built and protected green spaces in new residential developments. These projects have resulted in strengthened planning applications, clearly demonstrated sustainability credentials and increased marketability of new schemes.

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