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5. Using natural capital assessment and valuation to determine the impact of proposed development


From simple expert-based assessments to quantitative assessment, to mapping, valuation and accounting, through this case study from Stirling you will gain insight into the range of techniques that can be used for assessing the potential impact of proposals and development plans, including the relative advantages and challenges of each. You will also measure the environmental, social and economic benefits of investing in the natural environment against a case study from Stirling, detailing two major projects: a city park and riverside development.

Dr Jim Rouquette

Dr Jim Rouquette is a Director and Co-Founder of Natural Capital Solutions, an environmental consultancy.Jim is an expert in natural capital accounting, natural capital and ecosystem services assessment, including modelling, mapping and monetary valuation, opportunity mapping and stakeholder engagement. Prior to setting up Natural Capital Solutions, he completed many years of post-doctoral research on biodiversity and ecosystem services, and a NERC Policy Placement Fellowship working with the Environment Agency.

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Sarah Bryan, CEO at ENPA, talks about her experience of Exmoor National Park – the value of the landscape, the unintended consequences of historic schemes, and the development of Exmoor’s Ambition.


This session will examine the results of a project to explore the degree to which the Natural Capital Protocol is applicable and useful to land-based businesses in Scotland.

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