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7. An introduction to natural capital accounting at the local and landscape scale


The presentation will introduce the concept of natural capital, approaches to the valuation of natural capital at a landscape level, and the role accounting for natural capital can play in policy and decision making. A series of case studies from the Lake District and The Borders will then provide real-life examples of how these approaches can work in practice.

Learning outcomes:  By the end of the presentation you should have increased your understanding of: 
  • What natural capital is and how it can support policy and decision making
  • How natural capital valuation works and why it is important
  • The various approaches to accounting for the value of natural capital
  • Practical examples of real-life accounting approaches 

Chris White

Chris White is a Senior Environmental Economist in the Policy and Appraisal team at AECOM, London. Chris has led a number of innovative projects which have been presented at the Royal Society, NASA and Royal Geographical Society, Chris work has been awarded the URS Pyramid Award of Excellence for Innovation (2014) and the National Grid Chairman’s Award (2015). In addition to his role at AECOM Chris is a Director of the Lifescape Project also a Task Force Member of the IUCN Rewilding Group.

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