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Day 1. 1 Wake up and smell the acanthus


Class and classicism. Making the urban landscape, and its professions, genuinely accessible to all is a challenge riddled with complexity and contradiction. Anyone proposing simple answers hasn’t understood the question. This talk explores the question of accessibility in architecture andurbanism with a twist.

Chair: Jane Findlay CMLI PLI, President of the Landscape Institute

Jane Findlay is a Landscape Architect, the founding director of Fira and President Elect of the Landscape Institute. She is an experienced masterplanner and designer of the large and complex projects, particularly experienced in the design of the healing landscape for healthcare and delivered some of the
most complex healthcare projects in the UK.


Phineas Harper, Director, Open City

Phineas Harper is director of Open City and Open House Worldwide, and a columnist at Dezeen. In 2019 they curated the Oslo Architecture Triennale on the architecture of degrowth in collaboration with engineers Interrobang and
geographer Cecilie Sachs Olsen, and the 19th Architecture Prize of the Land Steiermark. They are also an advisor to the cross-party Suburban Taskforce established by Rupa Huq MP and David Simmonds MP.

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