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Day 2. 5 Climate Equity and Inclusivity


As the climate changes, so must our practices and approaches to landscape architecture shift to being more equitable and inclusive for all. While impacts of climate change permeate into our everyday lives, landscape architects can create more meaningful ways to connect, design and include the people that will be affected the most. Through creative approaches to community engagement, democratic design of the public realm, and development of tools and resources, more people can effectively be included in a more just climate conversation.  This session will explore the ways to engage with communities to build collective knowledge and plan together. You will gain insights on strategies for designing Democratic Public Spaces that are equitable and inclusive to all and learn about creating free and accessible mission driven tools and resources.  

Chair: Jane Swift, CEO, Landscape Institute 

Jane joined the Landscape Institute as Interim CEO back in February 2021. Following a long career in BT plc, Jane has used the skills and experience she has gained in the charity sector to help organisations create a future strategic direction and a solid foundation on which to build.

Pamela Conrad, Principal, CMG Landscape Architecture 

Pamela Conrad, ASLA, LEED AP, PLA is a Principal at CMG Landscape Architecture in San Francisco, California and Founder of Climate Positive Design. Conrad focuses on climate mitigation, resilient design and inclusive community engagement in the public realm.

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