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Day 1. 4 Co-designing Inclusive Environments for Young People


Play as a Design Tool motivates community participation in the co-design of shared space by asking the future users to model their ideal recreational space using cakes, biscuits and sweets. The co-design process encourages openness, allowing new ideas and perspectives to emerge through exploration and experimentation, helping solve design problems in a fun, inclusive, democratic manner. Cake models scaled into drawings allow the community to realise their ideas and co-refine the outputs into a final design, supported by mood boards. These outputs provide in-depth community-led research co-designed with the local people.  

This session will uncover play as a design tool, co-design for young people and community participation. 

Chair: Jane Findlay CMLI PLI, President of the Landscape Institute 

Jane Findlay is a Landscape Architect, the founding director of Fira and President Elect of the Landscape Institute. She is an experienced masterplanner and designer of the large and complex projects, particularly experienced in the design of the healing landscape for healthcare and delivered some of the most complex healthcare projects in the UK.


Dr Kate Langham, Co-Founder, Association of Collaborative Design 

Dr Kate Langham is a designer and academic, specialising in co-design. She has over twenty years experience in industry and academia developing co-design practices that achieve social and environmental impact. Kate is Co-Founder of the Association of Collaborative Design (ACD), a Community Interest Company mainstreaming collaborative design across the built environment sector.


Dr Jo Morrison, Director of Digital Innovation and Research, Calvium 

Jo has been working within the realm of digital placemaking for 20 years; as a designer, researcher academic and strategist. Most recently, she is Director of Innovation and Research at Calvium, a pioneering digital agency based in Bristol. Jo is also a co-founding member of the Association of Collaborative Design and a Fellow of the Institute of Place Management.


Nat Defriend, Deputy Chief Executive, Participatory City Foundation 

Nat started his career in front-line criminal justice services with adults and youth – beginning as a volunteer and developing into an experienced practitioner and manager. He then spent 8 years in central government, leading system-change and effective practice initiatives in the youth justice system.



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