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Day 1. 3 Intercultural Urban Encounters


An equalities perspective is founded on recognising difference and providing resources equitably in ways that respond to it. The session will illustrate a framework for review of equalities impacts both formal and informal, for landscape policies, programming, management and design for parks and open spaces, with the aim of creating more equitable inclusive places. The speaker will present evidence relating to different needs and experiences of open space for a range of characteristics protected under the Equalities Act 2010 centring on characteristics of Race & Religion. 

It will then provide an evidence for the value of urban greenspace in the lives of young people, specifically in relation to mental health.  

Dr Farnaz Ganji will then present learning about application of ethnographic research and mapping methods to inform urban design. 

Chair: Dr Keren Jones, CMLI, Honorary Secretary of the Landscape Institute 

Keren qualified as a chartered landscape architect in 1982, and has had a broad career spanning the private, public, and charitable sectors. This includes senior roles at Groundwork, the South East of England Development Agency, and eight years as Director of City Economy at City of Wolverhampton Council.


Dr Bridget Snaith CMLI, Senior Lecturer Landscape Architecture/Partner, University of East London/Shape Landscape Architecture 

Bridget leads Postgraduate Landscape Architecture programmes at the University of East London. As a researcher she investigates factors contributing to under representation of people of black Asian and UK minority ethnicities in UK parks and greenspaces.


Dr Clare Rishbeth, Senior Lecturer, University of Sheffield 

Dr Clare Rishbeth is a senior lecturer in the Department of Landscape Architecture. She has led research projects on social inclusion in public open space located in London, Sheffield and Berlin. Through the Bench Project (in
collaboration with The Young Foundation), through her role in ‘Improving Wellbeing through Urban Nature’, her academic curiosity and social values are focused on profiles of marginalisation - shaped by intersections of ethnicity, class and gender – and how these should inform the civic ambitions of public space.


Dr Farnaz Ganji, Senior Consultant, LDA Design 

Farnaz is an urban designer with a multidisciplinary background in academic research and higher education. Before joining LDA design masterplanning team, she has spent five years on researching and writing about lived experiences of everyday urban encounters focusing on intercultural conviviality and tensions of living with diversity. 



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