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Day 3. 2 What Makes a Good Environment?


This presentation will provide an understanding of the challenges and opportunities associated with making streets and transport in busy urban environments accessible to all. It will then discuss how Equalities Impact Assessments and effective engagement can deliver better project outcomes. 

Chair:  Dilraj Sokhi-Watson, Policy and Partnerships Manager (Scotland), Landscape Institute 

For nearly fifteen years Dilraj has worked as a sustainability and social justice practitioner. She has substantial programme and policy experience in urban development spanning within subjects of environment, poverty, and social capital (with a focus on gender and race mainstreaming).

Bruce McVean, Acting Assistant Director – City Transportation, City of London Corporation  

Bruce is a transport planner and urbanist with a passion for creating attractive, accessible streets and spaces that are great places to walk, cycle and spend time. Bruce leads the team that develops and delivers transport policy and projects in the City of London, helping to ensure London’s financial
district and historic centre remains a great place to live, work, learn and visit.

Linda Thiel, Partner, White Arkitekter  

Linda Thiel is a London-based Swedish architect with over 20 years’ experience in architecture and urban design, working throughout Scandinavia and in the UK. Her work embodies a Scandinavian approach to designing homes and neighborhoods to meet the growing challenge of urbanisation.

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