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Day 3. 3a The healing landscape: An evidence-based approach to designing for healthcare


Explore the theory behind healing landscapes. Learn about the historic precedents for linking nature and wellbeing and how, through research, evidence-based design has become the foundation for landscape-oriented healthcare. Uncover some contrasting project examples that illustrate integral healing landscape principles.

Jane Findlay CMLI

Jane Findlay is a Landscape Architect, the founding director of Fira and President Elect of the Landscape Institute. 

She is an experienced masterplanner and designer of the large and complex projects. Jane is particularly experienced in the design of the healing landscape for healthcare. She has delivered some of the largest and most complex healthcare projects in the UK. 

Jane is passionate about promoting the psychological and physical benefits that quality landscape design plays in all aspects of the public realm. She is a pioneering exponent of ‘place-making’ and the importance of health and wellbeing in the way that people experience buildings and the spaces we create within, around, and connecting places. She is a leader in the field of the concept of the ‘healing landscape’, which is reflected in all her work.  

Jane has also developed a specialism in symbolism and remembrance through landscape design. She continues to advise the National Memorial Arboretum in South Staffordshire. 

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