LI CPD: Health, Wellbeing and Place

Discuss how landscape underpins public health and wellbeing; see the benefits of green infrastructure for healthier communities; and achieve positive health and wellbeing outcomes through sustainable design and effective urban planning.

Meet the Speakers:

  • Julia Thrift, Director of Healthier Placemaking at TCPA
  • Jane Houghton, Senior Adviser of Green Infrastructure Standards for Natural England
  • Ed Baker, Director of Broadway Malyan (based in Singapore)
  • Jane Findlay, LI President and Founding Director of Fira
  • Harmony Ridgley, Adult Lifestyle Policy Implementation Officer at Public Health England
  • Sarah Preston, Senior Advisor for Natural England’s Outdoors for All programmes
  • Kenji Shermer, Urban Designer for East Devon District Council and many more!

Session Highlights:

  • Virtual site visits with Iain Tuckett (Coin Street Community Builders) and Valarie Beirne (Bankside Urban Forest)
  • Get to grips with the very latest evidence linking green infrastructure to stronger, healthier, happier, more resilient and more equal communities
  • Reframe the debate: hear how a health-led leads to better understanding and more effective design outcomes
  • Discover the challenges of maintaining high-quality public realm in Central London and the benefits of community-led development
  • Understand the policy and evidence base that informs the Healthy Active by Design (HAbD) framework, with exemplary case studies from Australia and elsewhere
  • See how to implement a comprehensive design checklist within a development process, ensuring healthy outcomes from inception to implementation
  • Become confident, equipped and inspired to advocate for healthier environments for all
  • Discover the collaborative Health in all Policies (HiAP) approach that is bringing all sectors in Northern Ireland together towards a shared vision
  • Facilitate healthy play and create safe, sustainable, long-lasting play areas to accommodate large numbers of children of all ages
  • Hear the NHS’s latest ambitions for nature-based interventions, preventative care and social prescribing
  • Get the latest on national partnership work being undertaken across government

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