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Day 3. 3c FMS: The secret to lasting active lifestyles


Greenspace has always been identified with health and wellbeing. But how can
we make these places work harder to develop key skills from an early age that will encourage life long active lifestyles? How can we ensure the opportunity for active lifestyles is available even in the most green-deprived areas?

Kristina Causer

Creating playful environments for over 16 years, working in partnership with Local Authorities and Landscape architects across the UK and for a while in Sweden too! Passionate about the right for all children to play, Kristina was one of the founding authors of the PiPA (Plan Inclusive Play Areas) toolkit; a publication to help guide better inclusive design, now widely used in the procurement process in the UK. Kristina now leads the Innovation Hub of research and creative development within Jupiter Play, tackling key issues such as sustainability in the supply chain as well as championing the Sustainable Shoots programme at Jupiter Play.

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This presentation will discuss how towns and cities will continue to change in the coming weeks and months in response to the Covid19 crisis.

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