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Day 3. 9 Colombian nature based solutions to combat climate change and their diverse benefits


This session will explore how Colombia has identified an opportunity towards its carbon neutrality by implementing nature-based solutions. Likewise, the advantages offered by this approach to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, while restoring and recovering its ecosystems. Finally, it will talk about the challenges that these solutions face.

Chair: Laura Schofield CMLI, Membership Development Manager at the Landscape Institute

Laura is the LI’s membership development manager. Prior to joining the LI, Laura built up her career in multi-disciplinary consultancy, specialising in the delivery of landscape management projects and services including open space and green infrastructure strategies; landscape, conservation and habitat management plans; and management and maintenance costings and contracts.

Alex Saer, Director for Climate Change and Risk Management, Ministry of Environment Colombia

Industrial Engineer and Political Scientist, Fulbright Scholar for Master's studies in Sustainable Development at the University of Maryland USA, with more than 20 years of experience in the development and implementation of projects on Cleaner Production, Circular Economy, and Corporate Sustainability for public institutions, private sector and the academy. Director of Climate Change and Risk Management of the Colombian Ministry of Environment, from where he leads the policies towards carbon neutrality in the country

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