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Day 5. 2 Biodiversity Net Gain – The Next Steps


Biodiversity Net Gain is transforming how we design and build development, with the UK’s Good Practice Principles providing an approach to generate meaningful benefits for biodiversity. But while we are making progress towards this goal, the importance of nature for people’s wellbeing is a vital consideration. Policies should enable BNG to benefit people, and ensure that detrimental social impacts from BNG are addressed. However, social impacts of BNG can only be properly considered within the holistic context of wellbeing. But is BNG and wellbeing a Win-Win? Or would trade-offs lessen the biodiversity ambition and necessitate keeping these policy goals separate?

Dr Julia Baker, Balfour Beatty; Sally Hayns, Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management; Helen Oakman, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs; Chair: Francis Hesketh, TEP

Dr Julia Baker, Balfour Beatty

Dr Julia Baker is a Biodiversity Technical Specialist at Balfour Beatty, which is one of the largest contractors in the UK. Julia is the lead author on the UK’s Good Practice Principle for Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG).

Sally Hayns, Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management

Sally Hayns CEcol MCIEEM is Chief Executive Officer of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM), the leading professional body for ecologists and environmental managers in the UK and Ireland.

Helen Oakman, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Helen is an experienced advisor to government, local authorities, private sector developers and communities on environment, climate change, and sustainable development. She currently lead on implementation of biodiversity net gain at Defra.

Francis Hesketh, TEP

Francis a founder of TEP, with 30 years’ experience in environmental consultancy, including employment in the private, public and voluntary sectors. He is a Chartered Environmentalist, Chartered Landscape Architect and Chartered Forester.

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