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Day 5. 3 Developing species rich spaces: little known ways of addressing carbon, pollution and biodiversity issues


This session will deliver some little-known insights on how species rich spaces deliver so much more than simply an improved habitat for wildlife, and can help contribute the building blocks to addressing some of the planet’s biggest environmental threats. Tune in to find out more! You will learn how species rich spaces have the potential for sequestering carbon better than some other forms of planting, how this can contribute to reducing the impact of climate change and what areas of knowledge we are missing. The session will then explore how species rich spaces can help to mitigate pollution in a bid to clean up our urban space, and improve our habitats and health.

James Hewetson Brown, Wildflower Turf ; Dr Matthew Tallis, University Centre Sparsholt; Dr Joe Franklin, WSP; Matt Pitts, Plantlife; Chair: Claire Wansbury CMLI, Atkins Ltd

James Hewetson Brown, Wildflower Turf

James Hewetson-Brown is the Managing Director of Wildflower Turf Limited, the UK’s leading specialist supplier of Wildflower Turf used for landscaping and green roof projects.

Dr Matthew Tallis, University Centre Sparsholt

Dr Matthew is passionate about the natural world, the influence of human societies on the natural world and especially all things related with trees. He holds a BSc (Dual Hons) in Biochemistry and Physiology (University of Sheffield) an MSc in Environmental Science (University of Aberdeen) and a PhD investigating the effects of climate change on tree growth and function (University of Southampton).

Dr Joe Franklin, WSP

Dr JoDr Joe Franklin is an ecologist within the WSP Natural Capital and Biodiversity team. His focus is the practical delivery of biodiversity net gain, which is defined as ‘development that leaves nature in a better state than before’.

Matt Pitts, Plantlife

Matt is a meadows adviser at Plantlife. He provides specialist technical advise on all aspects of restoring, creating and managing wildflower meadows in a wide range of contexts. Matt has over 20 years’ experience advising landowners on conservation land management.

Claire Wansbury CMLI, Atkins Ltd

Claire is a highly expereinces ecologist, who has been elected a Fellow of both CIEEM and the Linnean Society. Claire is one of the UK’s leading experts on biodiversity net gain, a significant policy change that will affect many major infrastructure projects.

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Biodiversity Net Gain is transforming how we design and build development, with the UK’s Good Practice Principles providing an approach to generate meaningful benefits for biodiversity.


The Environment Bill 2020 will bring into UK law environmental protections and recovery, including the requirement to demonstrate biodiversity net gain in developments as part of the mitigation hierarchy.

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