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2. Maximising landscape’s contribution to health and wellbeing


Can the Health Impact Assessment (HIA) methodology be used to strengthen and inform the planning and decision-making process within placemaking to maximise health and wellbeing outcomes?

To help frame the discussions, attendees will be given a brief introduction to the concept of Health in All Policies (HiAP) and the principles and process of HIA.  This will be followed by insight gained from a case study where HIA methodology was applied within the development of a green open space as part of a wider regeneration project. The presentation will be followed by group discussion on how the contribution from landscape to health and wellbeing is translated from the theory into practise and could HIA methodology support maximising  landscapes contribution to health and wellbeing outcomes.   

By the end of the sessions, participants should:
  • Gain insight intoHiAPand HIA 
  • Gain understanding of how HIA can contribute to maximising health and wellbeing outcomes 
  • Gain understanding of how HIA methodology can be applied 
  • Identify potential opportunities to apply theHiAPconcept and  HIA methodology in the context of their professional practise in the landscaping sector   

Lee Parry-Williams

Lee has worked in the field of public health since 2001 and joined Wales Health Impact Assessment Support Unit in 2015. Following graduation, Lee worked as a community health development practitioner on a number of Welsh Government funded health improvement programmes before joining the North Wales Public Health Team in 2008. As part of the WHIASU team Lee is now involved in delivering HIA training, supporting and facilitating HIA’s and advocacy of HIA with wider partners.

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