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3. The Legacy of BlueGreen Liverpool: community engagement with meaning


Established by Engage Liverpool and reshaped Landscape Architects, BlueGreen Liverpool was a year-long community-led consultation project to create and enhance public green space. Four years on, the award-winning project has inspired numerous schemes and enabled local residents to continue transforming their own environment. With reference to the project, this session will explore different types of participatory engagement and their merits in engaging isolated and hard to reach groups, and the role that designers can play in turning community ideas into fundable propositions that the local authority will support. 

Elaine Cresswell

Elaine Cresswell is Director of reShaped Landscape Architects, and has delivered many participatory lead projects, working with residents, service users, young people and social enterprises to transform wasted spaces into active places of meaning to people and of value to local communities. Elaine specialises in people-centred design, and in 2018 reShaped won the LI’s Communication and Presentation Award for the Bluegreen Liverpool project, due to its meaningful and fun approach to public engagement.

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