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3. The Shomiround App: Cultivating Reciprocity Between People and Place


Uncover Shomiround in this session, which aims to serve the cultural and intangible heritage needs of a community. The app supports mapping and assessing places, while still being compatible with social distancing. Moving community engagement into a distributed, online way of connecting residents to each other, and to planners, heritage specialists and other cultural managers allows user feedback to be shared and evaluated online. Walk through examples of pilot projects demonstrating the versatility of applications of the app, in particular, social-cultural mapping and a mapping of neighbourhoods in lockdown.

Dr Noha Nasser, Hannah Barter, Rose Latter

Dr Noha Nasser, Mela Social Enterprise

Dr Noha Nasser is Founding Director of MELA Social Enterprise. Also an urban designer, academic and social entrepreneur, she specialises in co-design in superdiverse neighbourhoods. Noha is also an Intercultural Cities Expert for the Council of Europe and Chair of the Association of Collaborative Design. She authored the book ‘Bridging Cultures: a guide to social innovation in cosmopolitan cities’.

Hannah Barter, Urban Vision Enterprise CIC

Hannah is a Director of Urban Vision Enterprise CIC and has 14 years’ experience in planning and community development, working in the public, private and third sectors. Hannah’s professional experience spans planning, arboriculture, urban design, community engagement and environmental education. She provides advice and support to various local authorities, community groups, and parish and town councils on planning, heritage, urban design, and community empowerment.

Rose Latter, Shomiround

Rose Latter is an Architect and Entrepreneur. Her early career was spent in London working for Nicholas Grimshaw and Partners on several award-winning buildings. Rose worked on Professor Paul Oliver’s research team for the Encyclopedia of Vernacular Architecture of the World and subsequently managed and taught his Masters course at Oxford Brookes University. Now based in the USA, Rose runs a tech start-up company designing mobile apps.

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