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Day 1. 2b Building with nature: Putting people and wildlife at the heart of development


This session will draw upon the rich evidence that exists to support a nature-friendly approach to development and realise our potential as healthy and happy communities.

Dr Gemma Jerome

Dr Gemma Jerome is the Director of Building with Nature, the UK’s first benchmark for high-quality green infrastructure. She has been developing the benchmark with a team of industry and research specialists since 2015 and is now leading on establishing Building with Nature as the 'how to' quality standards for the design, delivery and long-term management and maintenance of nature-rich development. Gemma is a qualified town planner with a research and practice specialism in environmental management and green infrastructure. Through her doctoral studies she examined the role of stewardship in the longevity and resilience of community-scale green infrastructure, with a focus on health and social outcomes associated with access to nature at the residential scale.

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