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Day 1. 2c Exploring Bankside Urban Forest


A virtual tour of Bankside Urban Forest. At this session you will find out how
landscape partnership coordinated by Better Bankside is transforming the
network of streets and spaces across Bankside through a range of large, small,
temporary, permanent and tactical projects with green infrastructure and creative placemaking at their heart. We will discuss how a partnership approach is delivering transformative change to the public realm in an inner-city environment.
This session will then uncover how green infrastructure is being successfully
woven into Bankside’s medieval street pattern. You will also find out how local
workers are actively participating in maintaining these projects, and the health and well-being benefits this brings.

Valerie Beirne

With a passion for cities and their people, places and wildlife, Valerie has 20 years’ experience of working within the fields of urban regeneration, placemaking and landscape urbanism.  A landscape architect by training, Valerie has worked with central London business improvement district Better Bankside managing its placemaking strategy Bankside Urban Forest since its launch in 2008. Prior to that Valerie worked in local government, and for local and national environmental charities.  Valerie is a member of Urban Design London Design Review Panel for Streets and Public Realm and sits on the Advisory Panel for Greenspace Information for Greater London (GIGL). 

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