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Day 2. 3c Retrofitting health and wellbeing product demonstration


This session will consider the use of engineered systems and innovations to
maximise the potential of our urban environments to deliver health and wellbeing outcomes.
The following situations will be considered:
– Opportunities for rooftop level innovation to store water, provide amenity and
places for exercise
– Providing recreation and leisure space that also manages water
– Retrofitting healthy streets – tree pits and SuDS for enhanced wellbeing
By the end of this session, you will know about challenges and opportunities of
rooftop design, Tree Pit and Retrofit SuDS designs and overcoming challenges
of retrofitting existing street scenes. It will also uncover how sports and leisure
spaces can be used for multifunctional purpose.

Charlotte Markey

Charlotte has an MSc in Urban Planning and 15 years experience working to integrate green infrastructure and SUDs into the built environment. She has worked on several EU funded projects focused on evaluating the impact of green urbanisation innovations on air quality, urban heat island and water management.  

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