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Day 2.1 Keynote: The role of GI standards in the promotion of healthy places


It will introduce the National Framework of GI Standards, a 25-Year Environment Plan commitment being developed by Natural England with stakeholders to help enhance the nation’s green infrastructure provision so that it can play a vital role in greening our towns and cities and in the nation’s green recovery from Covid-19. This session will also look at the evidence for the health and wellbeing benefits of green infrastructure. It will discuss the purpose, rationale and content of the emerging National Framework of GI Standards, process maps, GI’s mapping and analyses, design guidance and signposting to other relevant standards. You will get an awareness of the opportunities to use the National Framework of GI Standards by local authority planners, neighbourhood planning groups, developers and parks to enhance GI and to deliver health and wellbeing benefits and address inequalities as part of placemaking.

Jane Houghton

Jane Houghton works at Natural England, where she is project managing the development of a National Framework of Green Infrastructure (GI) Standards, for launch in 2022. This is a commitment in the Government’s 25 Year Environment Plan to green our towns and cities, connect people with the natural environment, improve health and wellbeing and address inequalities. Throughout her career in the natural environment, Jane has worked to bring the multiple benefits of the natural environment into urban areas and to promote the wide range of environmental and quality of life benefits that GI can offer to communities. In 2020, Jane led on the publication of an evidence review of the health and wellbeing evidence for the GI Standards.

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