The new NPPF: Landscape Led Planning in Practice

Get an in-depth view of the revised NPPF and what the revisions mean for landscape practitioners. 

Learning outcomes

  • Get to grips with the new NPPF, its challenges and nuances, and how law and policy interact to affect landscape-led planning – as well as the broader government agenda on design and landscape
  • Understand the opportunities NPPF presents to designers and specifiers: get involved early in the development process, negotiate improved landscape design for urban projects, and deliver the best possible project outcomes
  • Unlock the true potential of design: accommodate long-term maintenance management, reconcile the competing demands of development and conservation, and help create truly sustainable communities
  • Leverage green and blue infrastructure to reduce development footprint and create quality landscapes for new places, as well as exploring creative retrofit solutions for complex underground challenges
  • Participate in and advise local planning groups and help local councils secure significant community benefits through the planning system
  • Develop new thinking and techniques to conserve and enhance landscape quality through planning and management
  • Demonstrate the value of design to crucial policy areas including natural play, active travel and social spaces
  • Build a thorough knowledge of relevant national policy case law

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